New Playground Takes Shape

IMG_4499Installation of the new playground equipment at Salter Grove was mostly completed on Friday, July 19th, but it is far from safe to play on. A wood fiber play surface and ADA access path have yet to be installed.

Visitors should not enter the construction area until City officials declare it safe to do so.

20190718_113635A new pipeline was installed leading to the pump station so that plantings around the playground could be watered. Visitors should keep off this and other planted areas until the turf has been re-established so we again have a nice walking surface after any rain.

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 4.04.58 PMThe hard-working crew from Green Acres Landscape & Construction Co., Inc. is seen above pouring the footings for the climbing net. Only parents were hired so they are committed to playground safety.

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