Making the New Playground Safe

FoSg blog post (7-26-19 4)DPW crew spreading gravel to ensure proper drainage of the play area.

FoSg blog post (7-26-19 5)Next, a layer of engineered wood fiber was added over geotextile to create a safe play surface. Wheel chairs can travel over the fiber, once compacted.

FoSg blog post (7-26-19 3)Some of the Department of Public Works’ employees whose work on the playground fulfills the City of Warwick’s cost-share portion of the $100,000 RIDEM Recreation grant that largely funded the new playground.

FoSg blog post (7-26-19 2)Meghan O’Brien was in the neighborhood recently and dropped in for a peek at the equipment that her company, O’Brien & Sons, selected and laid out for an attractive and challenging play area.

FoSg blog post (7-26-19)

Remember, visitors should not enter the construction area until City officials declare it safe to do so.

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