Special Thanks For Weekly Cleanup

FoSG blog post (2-13-20)Mary Newton (right) goes to Salter Grove at least once a week to rake and sweep butts from around the parking lot either with her granddaughter Ava or most recently with her sister Katy Eppley (with bag). A little boy caught them in the act and was moved to call out “Good job!” Indeed!

Litter such as styrofoam food and drink containers has gone down at Salter Grove probably because of the cold weather. On the other hand, smokers enjoying the park from within their cars continue to throw cigarette butts out the window. Not cool.

New Bird Species Recorded for the Park

Photo courtesy of Kathy Schnabel

In January, two new bird species were observed at opposite ends of the park. An American Kestrel was first seen on Jan. 2, 2020 and then photographed the next day by Kathy Schnabel in the area of the parking lot.

Adopting a sit-and-wait approach, Art Jacques bird-watched from the bench on Audubon field on Jan. 23 and counted 15 species within 30 minutes and added the Field Sparrow to the list of birds observed at Salter Grove.

Salter Grove is a great place to sit and watch the wildlife!

In case you didn’t know, Salter Grove is considered a birding hotspot by eBird, a website where members submit their birdwatching results. Based on checklists on eBird since 2006 and field notes from other observers, the Salter Grove bird list now stands at 124 species—not too shabby for a 12-acre park!