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All contributing and active members of Friends of Salter Grove are expected to agree to and abide by the following operating standards, whenever applicable.

Expectations for Members

  • Contribute actively, not just conceptually, to FoSG’s efforts.
  • Accept group decision-making process that eschews individual preemption.
  • Adhere to agreed protocols.
  • Consult with coordinator before communicating with other entities to avoid duplicate efforts and the appearance of disorganization.

Expectations for Coordinator, Group Leaders, and Blogger(s)

  • Ensure that all relevant ideas get fair hearing and discussion.
  • Provide modifiable working documents (Word) until the appropriate group has decided on a final version for publication or other use.
  • Ensure independent backup of working and published material.

Ownership and Credit

  • Any image or document submitted to or prepared for FoSG is available for its use without restriction and in perpetuity.
  • If credit is desired, an appropriate label should be embedded in the image or document to ensure its transfer during possible multiple uses; e.g., “Photo: Philomela Photographer”.

Emails and Dropbox

  • Use emails for discussion and decision making.
  • Start a new thread when an email subject changes.
  • Avoid email attachments; instead, share documents and images via Dropbox.
  • The main section of Dropbox is archival so Members can view, but not edit its files.
  • As needed, working Groups will be created in Dropbox and the corresponding Folders will allow editorial access by Group Members.

File Management

  • Label working files with a decimal version number in parentheses; e.g., “(1.0)”.
  • When editing or commenting on a document, use Track Changes and add your initials in parentheses after the version number; e.g., “(1.0)(xy)”.
  • As edits accumulate, the document’s originator accepts or rejects proposed modifications and cleans up the text and comments to eliminate clutter and enable further input.
  • Whenever the file changes, the originator increments the version number; decimally for minor changes (e.g., 1.1) and unitarily (e.g., 2.0) when substantial new content is added.
  • Even the “final” version of a document retains its version number to avoid confusing it with prior iterations.


  • Start and end on time.
  • Have an agenda shared at least one day in advance.
  • Adhere to the agenda, with additional topics reserved for New Business at end.


  • It is understood that volunteers are donating their valuable time and are likely to have other priorities than their efforts on behalf of FoSG.
  • Nevertheless, reasonable deadlines or timelines should be respected by all involved to ensure efficient decision making and documentation.

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