Out With The Old; In With The New!

Photo 1

The old playground equipment has been crushed for removal. (Photo by L. Murray)

The City of Warwick’s Department of Public Works began site preparation for the new playground at Salter Grove on Monday, June 17th.

This long-awaited event is in anticipation of the arrival of new playground equipment in early July. It also fulfills the City’s cost-share agreement under a $100,000 Recreation Grant from RIDEM.

The clearing of vegetation is to accommodate two T-swings that, for safety, will be offset from the main circular playground area with climbing equipment and slide. The surrounding woods will continue to provide shade.

Photo 2

Clearing of adjacent vegetation will make way for new equipment. (Photo by L. Murray)

Meanwhile, custom fabrication of benches and waste receptacles is proceeding, (page 16) funded through Friends of Salter Grove.

There are still one pice of playground equipment and various auxiliary items that remain unfunded—your donations are welcome.

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