Our First Grant Funding! A Seed To Grow On


The New England Grassroots Environmental Fund has recognized the work of Friends of Salter Grove and awarded our group a $992 Seed grant, our first source of funding.

“These grants are intended to support community groups who represent the most exciting energy in the environmental movement, and that are not being reached by traditional funders,” said Peter Becker, coordinator of FoSG.

The Fund officials cited “clear objectives and skilled volunteers to ensure their realization” as winning elements in FoSG’s application.

The grant will help to purchase tools for trail maintenance by volunteers, as well as books for environmental education at George B. Salter Memorial Grove. Trail maintenance is essential to provide safe access to students participating in FoSG’s environmental education program.

The idea of a “seed grant” is to help the organization grow and attract more funding. With that in mind, Becker said, the grant will also be used to solicit neighborhood input on replacing playground equipment, and then plan fundraising for this project.

FoSG member Louise Jakobson volunteered her skills to write the grant. “The process was transparent and simple,” she said, “and the expert staffers at the Environmental Fund were a big help.”

Winning this grant is a great first step for our new organization. We’re on the right track, and making progress every day toward transforming Salter Grove into a true neighborhood asset!

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