Neighbors and Communities United!

Salter Grove Sign
Several FoSG members met recently for a few hours on Saturday,
November 19th, with a group of residents from the Bishop Playground area
to explore mutual interests. We wanted to jointly brief Councilman-elect
(City of Warwick) Richard Corley who was interested in the work needed to
restore and enhance our respective neighborhood parks. Also on hand
was State Representative Joe McNamara who has been a staunch
supporter of developing Salter Grove as a family-friendly destination.

Conversation flowed easily as we walked through the two parks together
and learned that we have similar concerns. Both Salter Grove and Bishop
park are prone to vandalism. Parents with young children are reluctant to
use either playground because of outdated and damaged equipment or due
to the loitering of individuals in the vicinity. Litter management is a problem
especially during warmer months and is only kept under control by
dedicated neighbors who monitor and remediate the situation.

Councilman-elect Corley and State Representative McNamara agreed with
us that Bishop Park and Salter Grove are valuable sites for wholesome
family activities. They also acknowledged that action by relevant City or
State agencies will be needed to upgrading park facilities so their
recreational potential for neighboring residents can be realized. Both
elected official suggested ways in which they can help to achieve our
objectives. The two community groups plan to continue the conversation
as well as support each other in the work ahead.

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