Junior Scientists Study Salter Grove

Students from St. Peter School test the salinity of Salter Grove's waters, May 23, 2016

Students from St. Peter School test the salinity of Salter Grove’s waters, May 23, 2016

On May 23, 2016 the fourth- and fifth-grade students from St. Peter School in Warwick visited Salter Grove with their teachers to learn about interactions of plants and animals with their environment and explore the many different natural ecosystems of the park. It was a great way to learn about nature and how to conduct scientific work “in the field.”  Below are some photos from the day’s events taken by FoSG member Jason Major.

Miss Kane’s grade four participated in the morning with resource teacher Miss Strout  assisting. Mrs. Desmarais’ fifth grade class arrived in the afternoon (Kathy Bellevance substituted for Mrs. Desmarais.)

Students looked for different types of birds (Red-winged Blackbirds, Orioles, and Canada Geese were popular), learned about some of the types of trees found at the Grove with FoSG member and biologist Marina Wong, and even tested the salinity and pH of the water on both sides of the cove. It was a beautiful day for science in the park!

Want to schedule a nature field trip for your student group? Contact us at friendsofsaltersgrove@gmail.com for more information and availability.

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