Second Grant from Palmieri Trust for New Signage

This visually distracting signage will be replaced.

A portion of a second generous grant of $25,000 from the Vivian J. Palmieri Charitable Trust will fund a signage project at Salter Grove to replace the existing mixed bag. 

Something like this, but with a local twist. 

A triad of posts will bear signs in a coherent, contemporary style to greet visitors as they enter the parking lot and ascend the lawn to the nature trails. Iconic signs will provide an attractive reminder of allowed and prohibited activities, with a QR code linking to a City of Warwick web page listing municipal park regulations.

The new signage, designed in conjunction with Warwick Parks and Recreation, will be integrated with appealing landscaping in the fall to complement the parking safety project. 

Vivian Jerry Palmieri was an avid gardener and nature lover. Following his death in 2014, the Vivian J. Palmieri Charitable Trust was established to promote rose plantings around Jamestown. Subsequently, the geographical and charitable scope of the Trust has broadened.

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