Wild Flowers from Four Continents

Many of the plants at Salter Grove are wildflowers from other continents! Here, however, they are usually considered weeds because they readily colonize waste areas and lawns. Rarely are they given a second look before they are pulled up or mown down. Some of these are quite interesting and have been showcased east of the parking lot.

Native goldenrods have also been planted in an adjacent area so park visitors can compare the different species. It is intriguing to note that Canada goldenrod, although not particularly abundant at Salter Grove, is considered an invasive weed in Europe and Asia where it was introduced as an ornamental.

You can learn more about the plants of Salter Grove in our online guide, accessible with your smartphone in the park. 

(L to R) Alex Stepanov, Sarah Wong, Nick Pasterino, Carolyn Hardie, and Nancy Sumrall. Not Shown: Billy McGovern. 

Neither of these new botanical displays would have been possible without the efforts of volunteers who moved a small mountain of wood chips to mulch the beds. Thanks also to T.F. Morra Tree Care Inc. for donating the wood chips. 

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