Nature Trails and Guide Launch

On Saturday, May 15th, this orientation plaque will be installed south of the parking lot during a ceremony to launch the nature trails and their online guide.

From 10:00 to 10:30 a.m., Mayor Frank Picozzi, Parks and Recreation Director Beverly Wiley, and FoSG’s Education Coordinator Marina Wong will address attendees.

This ongoing project is a collaboration of Friends of Salter Grove, the City of Warwick, and the RI Department of Environmental Management to create an outdoor classroom at Salter Grove for people of all ages to enjoy its natural history. It was funded by a generous grant from the Vivian J. Palmieri Charitable Trust.

The online guide is smartphone-accessible to visitors in the park, with QR codes linking observation stations to web pages that provide information about points of interest. This will be a tool to help visitors more fully enjoy and explore the park’s biodiversity. Other web pages, including Culture, Geology, and Weather, are better explored on a home computer.

There are nearly 400 birds and plants recorded for Salter Grove, and work is ongoing to provide site-specific information and attractive pictures for all of them. This will be a great way for parents and grandparents to connect with their youngsters in an exciting outdoor educational experience. 

Additional information is available in this Warwick Beacon article.

One thought on “Nature Trails and Guide Launch

  1. We love and appreciate all the work you’ve done to make this park beautiful and functional.

    We’ve been taking the kids to the play ground regularly and just this Spring, started exploring the trails. Wow, so much more there than I had expected!


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