2021 Cleanups Launch with Unexpected Flare

Warwick firefighters smother the smoldering debris 

April 10 marked the beginning of a new season of cleanups at Salter Grove as 14 volunteers collected litter and other trash that accumulated over the winter.

The volunteers were doubly valuable, as they also helped to spot a smoldering brushfire along the shoreline ridge, about 50 yards east of the parking lot. An expanse of ash stretched about 20-30 feet to the east.

Following a 911 call, the Warwick Fire Department quickly arrived to extinguish the embers and carry some of the smoking logs into the waters of the bay. The fire might have started during the night or even the day before, the firefighters estimated.

The rest of the cleanup continued normally. After the two-hour session approximately 75 pounds of trash and litter were collected for removal. Volunteers reported a large accumulation of litter in the rocks of the breakwater. Typically, this litter is food and beverage containers left behind by visitors.

The cleanups beautify the area and protect wildlife and waterways from litter, especially the plastic and foam items too often left behind by park visitors and anglers.

This was the first of the cleanups organized by Save the Bay. Each year, volunteers remove hundreds of pounds of trash from Salter Grove. While the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed cleanups during 2020, efforts are going to increase in 2021.

Cleanups will happen approximately every two weeks from April through October. To volunteer, visit savebay.org to find dates of future cleanups. Pre-registering as a volunteer on Save the Bay’s website is required before participating in a cleanup 

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