FoSG Preservation Network and November 25 Cleanup

Those who stayed to the chill end of the cleanup on November 25. Two of the three co-leaders (besides Trent Batson who took the photo) are in the picture: 3rd from left is Casey Gonsalves and 4th from left is Mary Newton.

Friends of Salter Grove has formed a volunteer Preservation Network to help keep Salter Grove clean and attractive. Save the Bay and FoSG have partnered on cleanups since FoSG started in 2016. But, in order to guarantee regular cleanups at Salter Grove, including during the winter months (when weather permits), we formed the Network in the past few months.

The Network is now formally a group within Save the Bay but still liaises with FoSG. It has a mailing list of volunteers that includes 30 people, 4 of whom are co-leaders of the Network. The Network coordinates all efforts with July Lewis who leads all volunteer activities at Save the Bay.

Although the Network now has sufficient numbers for its basic purpose of keeping Salter Grove clean, we welcome others who wish to become part of our group. Email Trent Batson (, co-leader of the Preservation Network, for more information.

On Sunday, November 25, the Network hosted a Salter Grove cleanup sponsored by Save the Bay. Fifteen people showed up and gathered 20 large trash bags full of various items of trash, mostly along the shoreline and in the Phragmites marsh. This cleanup was significant because of it being late in the usual cleanup season. We were gratified to see such a good turnout in late November.

The next Salter Grove cleanup will be on December 9 from 1 to 3 pm—click here to sign up.

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