Good Turnout for Salter Grove Cleanup on April 29

Despite morning rain on Sunday, April 29, over 30 volunteers showed up to make Salter Grove even more beautiful by removing trash in all sectors of the park.

This enjoyable event led to over 400 pounds of trash being collected. The trash was picked up the following Monday by the City of Warwick. Good job everyone!

The Cleanup was part of the regular calendar of cleanups around the Bay supported and implemented by Save the Bay. Friends of Salter Grove coordinated with Save the Bay; Deb Delmonica led the effort on the 29th, assisted by Marina Wong and Trent Batson of Friends of Salter Grove.

People of all ages worked in small groups to make sure all parts of the park, including the breakwater, were inspected and attended to. One anonymous volunteer worked on the day before the cleanup to bring heavy items such as tires and railroad ties up from the shore to the collection area in the parking lot.

Members of Friends of Pawtuxet Village also participated in the cleanup.

The Park is heavily used, making cleanup days and regular vigilance essential. We look forward to more cleanup days – funny how the most mundane tasks can be socially rewarding and heartening.

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