Our Anti-Litter Campaign on the Breakwater

Following up on a suggestion from Save the Bay, FoSG conducted an anti-litter campaign on the causeway and breakwater at Salter Grove in September. The campaign was timed to coincide with the bluefish run up the Bay, which failed to
materialize this year.

Anti-litter signs were posted in the bait shops used by fishermen and on the causeway.
FoSG members spoke directly with more than a hundred visitors to the breakwater and causeway, encouraging them to carry their trash back to the waste containers in the parking lot.

A caring attitude toward the environment was encouraged by conspicuously removing
nearly 500 gallons of accumulated trash from the rocky crevices of the breakwater during the campaign. We also encouraged fishermen to join in the cleanup campaigns that Save the Bay conducts in collaboration with FoSG.

According to Chief Dean Hoxie, officers of DEM’s Division of Law Enforcement “do frequently pass through and check without memorializing the visit.”

FoSG has requested that a target number of monthly visits to the breakwater be established and recorded to establish a visible presence of enforcement authority.

FoSG’s campaign was generally well received with assurances of cooperation from all spoken to. But there is still a lot of rubbish on the breakwater so please sign up to help when a cleanup is scheduled. Thanks in advance!

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