From Beat to Shnazy

Spring cleaning brought a signage upgrade. Totem fabricator Don Nguyen celebrates installation. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the Vivian J. Palmieri Charitable Trust, we have beautiful signage to greet park visitors and direct them to the nature trails, funded by the same Trust.

Map of park’s nature trail system with link to guide. 

Please help us keep the park safe and enjoyable for all to use. Unfortunately, there have been instances of vandalism of the signage on the nature trails, aggressive behavior toward volunteers, and disregard of dog walking rules. 

The new signage near the parking lot will include a link to Warwick park regulations, and we appeal to you to encourage all to follow them. 

Iconic plaques display some important required and prohibited actions. A good rule of thumb is to avoid behavior that will spoil others’ enjoyment of the park. 
If someone or their pet is behaving in a dangerous or destructive fashion, point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code for Warwick Police and report them. 

The design of the “totems” was inspired by that for Green Point Park in South Africa by OvP Associates. Don Nguyen, who also made the park benches, fabricated them from Western Red Cedar ($3,900, including powder-coated steel brackets).

Warwick’s DPW prepared the concrete pad and attached the steel brackets.

The iconic plaques were designed by FoSG member Jason Major and made by Fossil Industries ($1,400).

The solid aluminum lettering was purchased from Woodland Manufacturing ($600).

The total cost of this project was $6,178. 

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