Filling In the Gaps

Volunteers plant more prostrate conifers to take advantage of upcoming rain. 

All the plants in the parking area survived the winter, but there was still a lot of open space. So two dozen conifers (Blue Rug, Bar Harbor, Blue Pacific, and Nana) were added to more quickly cover the ground, which is expected to take 3-5 years.

Meanwhile, a barricade reminds visitors not to walk through the planted area until it is well established. A foot path has been provided at the northern end.

A thick layer of large wood chips has done a great job of retaining soil moisture where no water standpipe is available. Let’s keep this area clean and attractive! 

The raw soil west of the entrance road has a temporary jute mat to prevent soil erosion until the new grass seed can establish. Please don’t walk through this area until then.

Funds for these plantings were provided by a generous grant from the Vivian J. Palmieri Charitable Trust.

Violet Hill Landscaping and Nursery provided the plants at a discount. 

The total cost of the plantings was $8,988.

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