New Parking Slots + Pedestrian Safety

Four new permeable parking slots. 

Construction for the parking safety project was completed on Friday, July 30, by Atlantic Lawn & Garden, who did a very fine job. We are grateful for a grant from The Champlin Foundation, which funded this project.

Large rocks have been placed around the entire perimeter of the parking area and its access road to guide visitors to the 21 designated parking slots. Your cooperation in parking on a side street if all designated slots are occupied will be much appreciated. 

Why restrict parking to the designated slots? We have observed numerous instances of children running ahead of their guardians in their excitement to reach the playground so we tried to create a more predictable and safer traffic environment. Also, we want to prevent the serious erosion caused by parking on the lawn.

A large, immovable ledge rock prevented adding all five permeable parking, slots, as planned. 

Come fall, we’ll be planting the area around the parking lot and replacing the signage to create a more inviting first impression.

A cellular matrix of recycled plastic was laid on a firmly packed, permeable base of sand and gravel to contain a finishing layer of 3/8” bluestone for the new, permeable parking area. 

The total cost of the parking safety and expansion project was $14,245.

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