Nature Trails and Guide Launched

Mayor Frank Picozzi demonstrates how to access the online guide via the QR code on the orientation plaque just south of the parking lot. 

On Saturday, May 15th, the nature trail system, complete with plant labels, observation stations, and smartphone-accessible guide was officially launched.

Addressing the gathering, Mayor Picozzi revealed that he has been most impressed by how the people of Warwick come together to make great things happen.

Parks and Recreation Director Beverly Wiley urged visitors to respect and enjoy Salter Grove in ways that don’t impair others’ enjoyment. 

Parks and Recreation Director Beverly Wiley also admired the park’s beauty, of which she has only recently become aware, and wants to work to ensure that any development enhances that.

Warwick Community Police Officer James Wenneman announced several programs that will improve park safety. 

During peak use in the summer, police officers on electric bike patrols will visit the park to ensure that regulations are followed. Animal Control will be patrolling to ensure that dogs are leashed. Traffic Control will conduct a campaign to ensure that vehicles obey the speed limit on Narragansett Parkway and stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

FoSG Education Outreach Coordinator Marina Wong (seated) and some of the volunteers who prepared the nature trails: (L to R) Nancy Sumrall, Carolyn Hardie, Paul Dolan (tree identification), Nick Pasterino, Billie McGovern, Alex Stepanov, Patricia Bastia, and Arden Bastia.

Marina thanked the Vivian J. Palmieri Charitable Trust for their generous grant that funded the signage on the nature trails and website development. She also thanked the many people present who variously helped to develop the nature trail system, and referred to the online guide’s Acknowledgment page for a complete listing.

Marina noted that The Guide to Salter Grove is intended to add educational and scientific value to Salter Grove by allowing visitors to learn about the plants and animals there with the aid of their smartphones. Families, as well as educators, can benefit from this resource.

Ward 1 Councilman Bill Foley, quoting Teddy Roosevelt, characterized the nature trails as the “right sort of development” and appreciated the respite offered by the park during the heat of his last political campaign. 
Sen. Michael McCaffrey presented a $1,000 check as a RI Senate Legislative grant to FoSG while Sen. Kendra Anderson and Rep. Joe McNamara looked on. 

Sen. McCaffrey encouraged FoSG to continue its efforts to make the park “more community oriented” by knocking on the doors of the state legislature and city hall to get needed help.

Rep. Joe McNamara expressed how he was thrilled to be a member of the Friends of Salter Grove, and to see citizens launch a major improvement with the collaboration of state and city government. 
FoSG members Peter Becker and Marina Wong with some of the Brave River Solutions team that created the online guide: (L to R) Serena Hennigan Miller, David Still, Laura Bellhumeur, and Rebecca Arsenault.

See more photos from the May 15 event (taken by FoSG member Jason Major) below:

Additional information is available in this Warwick Beacon article.

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