Playground Opens Unofficially!


Children were quick to take advantage of the new playground’s unofficial opening on Friday, September 20th. The two swing sets include standard sling seats with a great view of the Bay, as well as toddler and ADA seats.








A berm will provide a visual and safety barrier to Parkway traffic until a guardrail can be installed. Planting of the berm and other playground areas and reseeding of the lawn is planned for early October.

FoSG blog post (9-20-19) (1

Here’s a family enjoying the new ADA picnic table after having fun on the play equipment:

FoSG blog post (9-20-19) 2

Come visit the new site!

One thought on “Playground Opens Unofficially!

  1. It is very exciting that this playground is finally complete, however I was very disappointed to see that it was designed for older children. As a mother to a toddler and infant I was looking forward to bringing them to a nearby playground, especially when Wyman school is in session and I cannot bring them there. Even older children sometimes have younger siblings who would not be able to play there. Playgrounds should be designed with all ages in mind! Also looking forward to a fence/guardrail being installed. It is necessary for protecting kids from vehicles traveling at the speeds they do on Narragansett Parkway.


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