A Red Letter Day!

FoSG coordinator Peter Becker shows Mayor Joseph Solomon and Gov. Gina Raimondo plans for the new playground.

Governor Gina Raimondo and Warwick Mayor Joseph Solomon visited Salter Grove on Tuesday, May 22nd, to celebrate the award of a $100,000 community recreation grant from the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) to the City of Warwick. Together with donations from individuals and businesses previously collected by FoSG, the grant will enable replacement of the existing 40-year old playground.

FoSG members Michael Jarvis and Marina Wong regale Rep. Joseph McNamara and Gov. Raimondo with their account of recent field trips to Salter Grove by elementary school students of St Peters. FoSG member Trent Batson (on crutches) has been leading cleanup efforts in the park in collaboration with Save the Bay.

Sen. Michael McCaffrey has supported FoSG’s efforts with a legislative grant that helped to obtain swing sets for the new playground.

FoSG member Rep. Joseph McNamara helped to organize the event, which was also attended by Sen. Michael McCaffrey and Ward 1 Councilman Rick Corley, among others. All of these representatives have been steadfast in their support of FoSG’s efforts to improve the amenities at Salter Grove, and restore it to its rightful place as a treasured natural gem.

Senior Planner Luke Murray will coordinate the City of Warwick’s implementation of a $100,000 RIDEM community recreation grant to replace the existing playground.

FoSG coordinator Peter Becker showed the Governor and Mayor plans and equipment for the new playground, as prepared by landscape designer and FoSG member Matt Dickinson following community input. The Governor’s eye was especially caught by an exciting cable net climbing system, the attractive benches that will partially enclose the toddler section of the playground, and the artisanal waste containers designed to encourage use.

Gov. Raimondo and Mayor Solomon saw for themselves the poor condition of the causeway as the tide was coming in, and were advised that a $200,000 award from DEM to the City would help to partially restore safe passage by the installation of box culverts at the lowest points. The Governor offered to help provide additional funding to elevate and armor the entire causeway to withstand storm surges and provide a dry crossing to the very popular breakwater at high tide.

Rep. McNamara and Councilman Rick Corley advise Gov. Raimondo of how impending repairs to the causeway are necessary to provide safe passage to the much-used breakwater.

Thanks to Gov. Raimondo, Mayor Solomon, Sen. McCaffrey and everyone who took the time from their busy schedules to visit Salter Grove!

Read the story about this in the Warwick Beacon here.

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