RFP for Causeway Repair Posted!

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On February 14th, the City of Warwick posted a Request for Proposals (RFP) to repair the causeway connecting Salter Grove to the breakwater.

The proposal’s scope of work includes the design, permitting, and construction of improvements to the causeway to improve access to the breakwater. At a minimum, the areas currently containing culverts and a displaced footbridge superstructure, which are flooded at high tide, are to be repaired.

The causeway is owned by the State and administered by the RI Department of Environmental Management, and the City and DEM have agreed to work cooperatively to improve public access at Salter Grove.

The budget of $200,000 for this project will not suffice to protect the causeway from damage by future severe storm surges, but will hopefully alleviate the current danger presented by the causeway. Our three-year advocacy for repair of the causeway has been strongly supported by Sen. Michael McCaffrey, Rep. Joseph M. McNamara and Councilman Rick Corley.

See the Warwick Beacon article for additional comments from advocates of causeway repair.

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