Survey Says: Salter Grove Visitors Want Safe Breakwater Access and Improved Play Areas

Access to the popular Salter Grove breakwater for sightseeing and fishing remains an important feature for park visitors.

The results of our survey are in and it’s clear that concerned citizens and park visitors want safer access to the breakwater and an improved playground at George B. Salter Memorial Grove! Learn more about the results below:

We conducted an online survey for 19 days from April 3rd, 2017 to assess park usage and the importance of proposed amenities at George B. Salter Memorial Grove, a state-owned park that is maintained by the City of Warwick. The survey was also offered during our neighborhood meeting at the Pilgrim Senior Center in Warwick on April 13th, which was attended by 31 persons.

Download a PDF of the meeting notes here.

Fifty-six persons completed the survey. At least 48 respondents were residents of Warwick, and the remainder (six) of those providing addresses were from Cranston. The survey respondents were therefore not necessarily representative of park users, which include numerous Providence, and even out-of-state residents during fishing season.

Of the proposed amenities, at least 80% of the respondents favored safe, dry access to the breakwater (via causeway repair or other means), an improved playground, and open space for picnics and play area. (During an informal survey of just four hours on two days in September 2016, 66 persons, mostly fishermen, signified their desire for repair of the causeway to improve access to the breakwater.) For playground equipment, respondents preferred the 2–5 year-old age group over the 5–12 year group by 50%.

One concept of a new updated play area was presented by FoSG member Matt Dickinson during our April 13 neighborhood meeting.

At least 60% of respondents favored provision of parking and its relocation to become visible from the Parkway for improved security, as well as provision of a bike rack.

Download the full report of the survey results here.

Many of the provisions above were discussed at our neighborhood meeting on April 13.

“The friends meet with enthusiasm,” wrote Warwick Beacon editor John Howell in a recent article covering the meeting.  Read the full article on the Warwick Beacon site here.

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting and/or participated in the survey! Your cooperation will help us show community investment in our cause.


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