New Footbridge for Salter Grove Causeway


The footbridge on the causeway at Salter Grove was washed away in 2012 and crossings now pose a potential safety hazard.

Access to and from the Salter Grove breakwater, which is very popular with fishermen and picnicking families, should become safer. A new footbridge is planned to replace that washed away by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Larry Mouradjian, Associate Director of Natural Resources, has reaffirmed the Department of Environmental Management’s commitment to improve public access to the breakwater.

Replacing the footbridge will be a joint effort between DEM and the City of Warwick, which maintains George B. Salter Memorial Grove under a 20-year Park Use Agreement. DEM will provide a grant to the City to fund the project, while Warwick will provide in-kind assistance.

The project was announced at meeting on February 1st attended by staff of DEM and the Coastal Resource Management Council, FoSG, Warwick’s Ward 1 Councilman Rick Corley and Mayor Scott Avedisian, Rep. Joseph McNamara, and Senator Michael

Improving access to the breakwater has been a goal of FoSG since its inception a year ago, and we are grateful for the efforts of all concerned to achieve this outcome.

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