Salter Grove Project Featured in Warwick Post Article

Portions of the causeway are currently flooded during even moderate high tides. (Credit: Jason Major)

A view of the Salter Grove Causeway leading to the breakwater, during high tide. The impassable footpath at high tide presents a risk for visitors and anglers. (Credit: Jason Major)

Our ongoing efforts to improve Salter Grove has been featured in an article in the Warwick Post, along with quotes from Rep. Joseph McNamara and FoSG member Jason Major.

According to the article, written by Rob Borkowski, McNamara said Lisa Primiano, Chief of the Division of Planning and Development at DEM, is working to secure funding for a plan to raise the height of the causeway above the high tide line, eliminating the drowning risk. “So things are moving along as quickly as they can with an environmental project,” McNamara said.

Read the full article here.

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