The Bee’s Knees of Waste Receptacles

FoSG blog post (9-9-19)

Fabricator Alaina Mahoney of AM Design and Fabrication, LLC can’t bear to part with the bodacious, custom waste receptacles destined for Salter Grove’s parking lot. The cutouts were designed by FoSG member Matt Dickinson. Alaina built them sick.

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Logjam Freed

FoSG blog post (9-5-19)Thanks to Councilman Rick Corley’s intercession, work on the new playground has restarted in earnest. DPW Director Mathew Solitro has indicated to the Councilman that the playground will be completed by the end of the month.

Early September 5th, City Planner Luke Murray (above background, left) and DPW foreman Rick discussed next steps while the ADA path edge was loamed to blend with the existing grade.

Repaired Causeway Provides Easier and Safer Access to Breakwater

IMG_4550A newly-resurfaced, rock lined gravel path now provides secure and even footing from the mainland to the breakwater.

Two large culverts have replaced the damaged and displaced footbridge near the breakwater.

During very hight tides, as occurred in late morning on September 2nd, most of
the causeway is inundated with 12 or more inches of water covering the low-lying area over the culvert nearest the mainland.

FoSG blog post (9-2-19) 4Therefore, caution must still be exercised, especially when crossing with small
children. Check the tide chart and plan accordingly.