Not Just One Bald Eagle, But Five!

A second-year Bald Eagle (left) and a third-year bird (right) overlooking North Cove on December 15, 2021 

Previously, Bald Eagles seen at Salter Grove have been rare and solitary. It was therefore a great surprise to see five of them around North Cove the morning of December 15, 2021. 

During 90 minutes of observations from the causeway the eagles were mostly at rest, enjoying the sunshine on the large rocks and breakwater near Marsh Island, or roosting in two very tall tree crowns above houses on the western shore. They must have dined well recently because none of the eagles bothered to steal fish from gulls busily feeding nearby. Despite their majestic bearing, Bald Eagles are well-known kleptoparasites!

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Join the FoSG Preservation Network!

Friends of Salter Grove, in affiliation with Save the Bay, has created a Preservation Network to maintain Salter Grove as a clean and inviting family park for recreational use.

Members of the Network will meet at least twice a month as a group to do a thorough cleanup of the Park. With five current members we are looking for an additional ten. Anyone can apply, no matter your age or physical condition.

We are asking for a one-year commitment to the Network if you are accepted as a member. You will not need to participate in all scheduled cleanups but we do hope that most members will join scheduled cleanups.

Network cleanups will be scheduled according to members’ availability, during the week or on weekends. We will also schedule around low tide times so we can venture out onto the causeway and breakwater for cleanup there.

All members of the Network will sign release forms from Save the Bay and will receive Save the Bay training. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian will also need to sign Save the Bay’s release form.

To apply for membership, respond to or send an email directly to Network coordinator Trent Batson at

The first in-person meeting of this Network will occur at 10:00 a.m. at Salter Grove on Sunday, October 21.

Highlights From Our Second Neighborhood Meeting

Sgt. Magiaccomo of the Warwick Police Department describing improvements at Salter Grove to local residents.

Twenty people gathered at the Pilgrim Senior Center on Thursday, October 26 to review the progress made at Salter Grove since the last neighborhood meeting on April 13, 2017. The survey conducted after the April meeting revealed that 80% of participants felt safe access to the breakwater and replacing the playground equipment should be the top priorities in the drive to restore and enhance Salter Grove. Highlights of the Oct. 26 meeting are listed below:

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Friends of Salter Grove Featured in The Bridge

Mary Grady's article about Friends of Salter Grove in the Spring 2016 issue of The Bridge

Mary Grady’s article about Friends of Salter Grove in the Spring 2016 issue of The Bridge

The ongoing efforts of the Friends of Salter Grove have been featured in the Spring 2016 issue of The Bridge, the newspaper of the Pawtuxet Village Association. Written by FOSG member Mary Grady, the article discusses our main goals to repair the causeway and shoreline access as well as acquire funding to improve the playground equipment and enhance the property throughout the park. The article can be viewed above, and you can read the entire Spring 2016 issue here or by picking a copy up at one of the many businesses around Pawtuxet Village.

Warwick Downs Remembered: Memories of Salter Grove’s Past

The Warwick Athletic Club, purchased by the Brehanys in 1936 as a summer cottage. (Credit: The Bridge)

The Warwick Athletic Club in 1918, purchased by the Brehanys in 1936 as a summer cottage. (Credit: The Bridge)

Before it was called George B. Salter Memorial Grove it was known as Warwick Downs—a place where residents enjoyed swimming, boating, picnicking, and all sorts of outdoor activities amongst a community of small summer cottages along Narragansett Parkway. In 1993 one former Warwick resident, Margie Degnan, shared some of her summertime memories from Warwick Downs in an article printed in The Bridge, a local newspaper published by the Pawtuxet Village Association. Margie’s memories from the Grove recall a bygone time that seems all the more sweeter for its simplicity and focus on family and friends, and it’s wonderful to envision the area seeing so much use and enjoyment.

You can view a PDF of the article here or click the image below to see it full-screen.

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